Monday, June 12, 2017

The Martians, the Archons, and My Importune Petunia

After some time today I discerned why there was no U.S. Mail delivery yesterday and it may seem unusual that I don't know the day of the week but I don't have a reason to know it plus there are no cues.  Every time I've walked past the TV for the last two or three days, it's been playing "My Three Sons" because some old channel Yevette likes does binges like that.

There's no lament coming about every day is the same since they're not but they probably don't vary in accordance with schedules which are useful to you or maybe in ways you would dig all that much.

The above does tie to Martians and reality since the interest in the day is because payday comes on Wednesday so that's the latest the cellphone happens.  The update is because the urgency was clear in needing to do this and that remains but the practicality of the best time to do it swings although it won't swing more than past Wednesday.  If Yevette can't hack it yet then do it anyway and maybe roll the plans together at some later date.  That shouldn't be difficult since these aren't contract plans.

The Archons are the legendary (maybe real) leaders in Greece from antiquity and they were selected exclusively from the upper class.  They're probably getting a little nervous just now since the progressives broke out again to get feisty about austerity on both sides of the Atlantic.  We saw how the DNC machine came last time to mow down everything in its path but we have seen that act now and all seems in readiness:  we won't get fooled again.

My Importune Petunia

I've got some callow marshmallows
for my importune petunia
but the Captain's gone insane
and his chicken just died
He said it was a parrot
but those birds don't crow at dawn
and that was how the sailors woke
on this and every morn
The Harlequin asked, "Why do parrots
ever cross the road?"
but now we see it clearly
it's the petunias I hold
Then we asked the Captain 
just what is it you will do
but that's when he told us 
"We sail for Timbuktu"
and that's a city in the desert
so we're not going with you
The Captain has gone crazy
and the chicken now is free
but still my importune Petunia
wants the bird but doesn't want me

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

I had to stop because it started getting weird after that.


Anonymous said...

I hope Yvette will be feeling better soon. The heat is not helping much. Don't know what the humidity is down there, but its a killer here and will be for the whole week-so this one is staying inside with air conditioning. Puts the yard project on hold, but that's just how it has to be.

I will try to call tomorrow "Cowboy Time" if that is a good day/time.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Calling at that time sounds fine and will look forward to it.

Better for details over the phone but she does have difficulties and thanks for your wishes toward them getting better. The humidity doesn't get Dristan Valley down here and it did much the same in RI but it's much drier down here. It's 92F right now and the windows are open but it's quite pleasant, kind of Spring-like. It will be burnin' before too much longer but not just yet.

Anonymous said...

Does tomorrow work for you if I call Cowboy time???

Peas InOurThyme said...

Yes, definitely. Relative to your Comment, it's Tomorrow now and I'm sure the time works plus Yevette already knows about it.

Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

1pm your time today!! It's a date!

Peas InOurThyme said...

Definitely happening!