Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Shooting for a Million for No Particular Reason

Ithaka will almost inevitably pop through 900,000 today even if I don't do anything else and I also don't alienate people with that which is sometimes perceived as foul language but the Regulars know already I don't give a fuck about that perception.

Mastering quomodocunquizing yesterday just tickled the peepers out of me since it's got five fuckin' syllables, man, but that one rolled out as easily as shit from a goose, if you will permit the full breadth of my expressive powers toward offensive imagery.

The word is exquisitely useful in the modern context so I'm feeling like a kid who just caught a frog in the brook behind the house and I ran back to the house shouting, "Mummy, Mummy, look at this big fucking frog!"

Try saying it since that one really surprised me in how easily it rolled out.  For the full score, you need the mantra:  quomodocunquizing comes quickly to the quondam queen.  Enjoy letting that one tie up your tongue like a soft pretzel.

Note:  the word is real, if old, and has been quoted in such staid references (cough) as Huffington Post.  It means doing anything for money and you know that's nothing good but there are so many applications for it in the modern world.

Ed:  so long as people don't say fuck all the time!

I don't say fuck all the time, mate; it's just one of tens of thousands which serves where it serves best and just wastes time when it's presented inappropriately to the context of whatever is being said.

My actual Mummy, as such people are called in previously-civilized parts of the world, endured a whole lotta fucking frogs since six kids can find an array of strange creatures.  I found some newts in one of my childhood adventures and I figured, well, my tanks are fresh water, these are freshwater creatures, and, therefore, the fucking newts can live in an aquarium.

Calling them fucking newts is not gratuitously offensive since to the observation of anyone, they never stopped fucking and were embraced in a clinch apparently at all times.  My ol' Dad never said, "Maybe you need to lose the fucking newts," but eventually I decided they really weren't that interesting so they were returned to Jesus (i.e. chucked back into the brook where I found them).

For this kind of insight, candy and balloons for the kids, and, oh, so much more, do keep riding the train forward since another three months should do it for a million miles out into space.

Helpful household tip:  when preparing your eggs in the morning, do try to differentiate the bottle of ground black pepper from the bottle of cinnamon since both look just alike.

Where else do you get such information; I ask you.

The Rockhouse also gives life you probably won't see anywhere else and it's too scary for most but it's still the Great Circle and people still don't mind amusing themselves by watching Great Whites eating seals ... but this is scary for them (larfs).   (Ithaka: Truth in Rockhouse Selfie Coolness with a Yellow Fedora)

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