Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Science and Religion: Stephen Hawking is Insistent but Do You Hear Anyone Else

Through the Rockhouse life, I have known many, many scientists and, through my ol' Dad, some of the greatest in the world.  There was a set of them and I'll not insult you with percentages but some subset of scientists is deeply-committed to religion and it might be interesting to hear from them with their estimations of Stephen Hawking and not regarding his science but regarding his philosophy, especially his Boom Doom King of Gloom fancy he seems to enjoy so much lately.

Frankly, the Rockhouse is fed-up with Stephen Hawking and his portentous and pontifical pronouncements regarding the existence of God and he was relegated to the status of Irrelevant Blowhard quite some while back.  His science stands tall but his drive today seems to be little more than to become the Neil deGrasse Tyson of religion but he lacks the chubby smile in the delivery which could take him to TV.

The Rockhouse observes some in the White House who state specifically in personal profiles, etc they are Christ followers and immediately on that observation we see they are Self followers and Christ is only tool toward that.  We don't believe a word from them.

However, we do believe the sincerity and authenticity of scientists we have known since they may well understand the Great Circle of Life better than anyone else around.  There's no point in pushing the Rockhouse for percentages since I won't do it and it doesn't matter anyway.

Stephen Hawking may be the standing model of the AntiChrist to fundamentalists since they can point to them and scream, "See how those fucking scientists do.  They want to wipe us out, salt our fields, and burn our fucking churches," although possibly not in precisely those words.

The Rockhouse is not defensive for Stephen Hawking since his statements have been blindly stupid things to say on top of a sterling career which gave us a great many insights into important things whereas today he has become a more-gifted example of the Richard Dawkins phenomenon in which he was a great scientist ... at one time.

Note:  Dawkins has been hammering the Bible for years and the Rockhouse assumes he makes more Geld on that phony lecture tour than he ever made touring with seminars about advanced evolution for scientists which, in fact, Dawkins knows extremely well.

There are gulfs of difference between those pushing agendas and those pushing truth and that's true at both ends of the scientific spectrum from those who have a great deal of scientific knowledge to those who may be nearly bereft of such knowledge.  Those in the middle inevitably scratch their heads and ask WTF but then walk away from either end but that also doesn't serve truth except insofar as the behavior avoids it.

More importantly to the point, Hawking doesn't speak for me and there's no chance my knowledge of science can match his but, I submit, my knowledge of the Great Circle of Life leaves Hawking and Dawkins sputtering in the dirt.

The Rockhouse has no interest in the personal power of prayer and, frankly, has never prayed for anything but acceptance of the power of prayer is a matter of personal faith and it's not my purpose to gainsay that.  However, it's specifically my purpose to denigrate extremists at both ends of the spectrum who add nothing of any significant value to philosophy or human existence.

The philosophy from the Rockhouse revolves around What Started It All and Why Should It Keep Going and belief in a spark from a supernatural Creator is the only way that could have happened and keeps happening.  In whatever ways you may extend is based solely on your personal faith and we will not gainsay that as Regulars have seen in frequent expressions of admiration for various positions of Pope Francis.

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