Monday, June 19, 2017

News on a Nailhead 6/20 | This One Isn't Funny

Someone asked if it's possible for Creationists to get any more blockheaded but that was a dumb question because of course they can.  (Raw Story:  New creationist book features gladiator match between Noah and a tyrannosaurus rex)

The US military shot down a Syrian military jet which was attacking an ISIS position and said they would do it again.  Whereas Creationists are offended by Nature, the U.S. military is an offense against Nature and it shows loyalty to nothing except wanton destruction with total disregard to loss of life.  (RT:   US-led coalition downs Syrian army plane in southern Raqqa)

There are still echoes over the purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon but the emphasis is shifting to adapt or die.  (  Grocers facing a united Amazon-Whole Foods must adapt)

Supermarkets have one of the lowest profit margins of any business and many of them will die.  You can evolve or get in line with the Dodo birds but, unlike them, you may not be good to eat.

America is protected against terrorism said 70% of Americans days after the Scalise shooting.  Apparently they bought it that Muslims are the terrorists and psychopathic white men who do almost all of the terrorism in the United States are something else.   Well, I feel safer already.

You can guarantee no black people said they're safer against terrorism since a young and pregnant mother was shot by cops earlier today.

Best of all, Rick Perry embarrassed everyone in the Great State of Texas by bringing more concentrated stupidity and obtusity to the White House than Sarah Palin's entire family.  He said he disagrees with all science about carbon dioxide as if that matters beyond his intention to be destructive.  (  Energy chief: Carbon dioxide not prime driver of warming)

Israel is cutting off electricity to Gaza and who knows where else in the Occupied Territories as they make their imperialist campaign against Palestine as beastly and inhumane as possible.  Meanwhile, Jared Kushner flies over to give Israel party favors and wishes them well with the extermination.

For anyone who actually knows my history rather than inferring some lunacy on the fly, I've been advising people since I first saw the Internet back in early 90s, "Don't put anything online unless you're willing to see it on the cover of the New York Times."

The Times wasn't even aware of the Internet back then and people thought it was ludicrous ... but they don't anymore ... except some still don't get it.  (  To post or not to post: Internet tips for college hopefuls)

Here's a helpful Rockhouse tip on what happens after you have sent dick pics or some other type of egregious stupidity over the Internet.

Meet the Puppet Master:

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