Monday, June 5, 2017

John Oliver Advises Contacting Politicians But We're Not Contacting Anyone

When politicians don't understand the basis for global warming after all these years, they have no business determining the direction of the country and the world so when you want to fix the low quality of the voted officials then you need to take that to Facebook and Washington but you will find neither quarter gives a fuck.

In Facebook, they're either singing "We Shall Overcome" as they celebrate destruction of protections against climate change just to be as offensive as they possibly can or they're licking each other's asses over the tragedy of Clinton's defeat even when she sold arms to terrorist Saudis with at least the same glee as Donald Trump.  Clinton never did anything about climate change and Obama didn't do much but he at least agreed to abide by the Paris Accord.

If Facebook did not exist then the CIA would have to invent it since they sit on the edges of their chairs as CNN does a countdown on their screens for the days until the Comey testimony.  The CIA didn't even have to spend a dime on that and they're laughing all the way back to their next date with Cthulhu.

The Boobs vs Brains race is already lost and, yah, I tilted it favor of the brains ... sue me.  The amusing aspect is it's extremely unlikely anyone on Facebook will read that although Republicans may since most of them like Megyn Kelly anyway in (cough) one form or another.  However, neolibs typically hate her and I have had zero use for her myself until her interview with Putin.

The Rockhouse is willing to evolve so long as we see truth feeding it and the interview was impressive but it's still extremely unlikely neolibs will read it since they're salivating over James Comey and don't realize he's just another male Medusa.

Note:  Megyn Kelly has scored one major Attaboy but it only takes one jingoistic misstep to destroy it.  We hope she does not make that mistake so we credit that Attaboy and hope there will be more for her.

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