Monday, June 5, 2017

Flash Floods in Fort Worth Almost Every Rain So Build a Big Fucking Park

That's right ... don't do anything about the shoddy sewer system and instead build a bloody great park for the Overlords.

Here's the beauty part since it will have this piece of shit in it.

Maybe that symbolizes a fountain in metal but there just may be a better way ... build a fucking real fountain and get a real sculptor to design it.

I see that affected piece of rubbishy gimcrackery every time I go down Henderson Avenue which is to say almost any time I go anywhere and the construction may already have gone a year with no end in sight.  At least it gives grinding traffic jams from the way Henderson Avenue is trashed.

For glorious Republican boondoggles, this one deserves a national prize.

Yah, I know Betsy Price was Mayor when this started but do you see any right-wing cowboys stopping it.

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