Sunday, May 14, 2017

Nicola Crosley Has Almost Lesbian Orgied Her Way to the Greatest Hits (applause)

Nicola Crosley may be the most shameless li'l minx we ever encountered.  (Ithaka:  Remember Gonzo Journalism? Nicola Crosley Does Something Else with My First Orgy)

She has just about made it to the Greatest Hits as she's only got about 150 reads to go and it will be tough to knock her out of the position once she's got it.  Maybe she can, erm, top Carol Kirkwood who is the current reigning queen with thousands of hits.  (Ithaka:  Carol Kirkwood Gives Best Weather Report of All Time)

Well, you know what tasteless and slutty mean on Ithaka, right?

Ed:  guaranteed big hits?

Roger that, mate.

Preacher Joe:  this is nothing but a damnable lads mag

Um, your lads mag probably doesn't have science articles whereas I write many but you didn't read them, did yewwww?

Watson:  no-one reads the science articles!

Actually, they often do but most don't because America hates science and the few who don't are the background brainiacs who make it all happen.  One even made the Greatest Hits.  (Ithaka:  Evolution of Eohippus (Horse))

There was surprising interest in that one but America is comprised of far fewer extremist Christians than Ted Cruz would have you believe and, as you saw, that dumb ass got his ass kicked in the election.

Rather than pitching it piecemeal, here are the Ithaka Greatest Hits all time:

Feb 25, 2013, 3 comments
Oct 4, 2013

Nicola Crosley needs about 150 more reads to knock Jeff the Diseased Lung out of there and he's funny but by now he must have croaked a long time ago.

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