Friday, March 10, 2017

"The Terror in Teakwood" | "Thriller" | Boris Karloff @YevetteN

"The Terror in Teakwood" is Episode 33 from Season 1 of "Thriller" which started in 1961.  Yevette said she hadn't seen it in ages so I went looking.  I found there enough episodes of "Thriller" on YouTube to terrify you sufficiently to freeze every drop of your blood.

The story starts in a crypt.

Note:  there's a scene in this vid which got me when I first saw it as a kid and creeped me to the Moon.  I remembered that all this time and I was going to post a pic but there's no need.  You will know it.

From YouTube channel, From The Land Of Pleasant Living, which has many more "Thriller" shows uploaded.


Anonymous said...

I did call today (around the usual time I call), but no answer. I will try again early next week-Monday or Tuesday.

I was always a fan of Thriller...the Hitchcock series too. ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

Rats. That's probably because Yevette was asleep. Sorry that did not work out.

I mentioned "Thriller" and right away Yevette mentioned Hitchcock. It wasn't all just Leave it to Beaver.