Monday, March 13, 2017

No Insurance Now and No Insurance from @realDonaldTrump Either - Same Bullshit as Obama

The Congressional Business Office, apparently non-partisan, has determined fourteen million people will lose their insurance as a result of Donald Trump's policy.  That's probably not surprising you since it's not likely you believed him anyway but the CBO confirms your suspicions.  (CNN:  CBO report: 14 million fewer insured by 2018 under GOP health care law)

Fourteen million more Americans would be uninsured under the House Republican health care bill than under Obamacare in 2018, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said Monday.

The long-anticipated score immediately puts the writers and supporters of the GOP Obamacare bill on the defensive. It is also certain to complicate the party's already troubled efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

The Republican bill, titled the American Health Care Act, would reduce the federal deficits by $337 billion over 10 years, the CBO said.


When the military is blowing over five hundred billion dollars every single year, any saving of less than forty billion a year is chickenfeed when Congress people do nothing about the military except spend more.  The beauty part for them about the military is they can spend all that money and then blame the spending on you.

Note the article says 'fourteen million MORE' people will be uninsured so presumably that's in addition to those who do not have it now.  I did not have insurance under Obama and who knows how many millions are in that category.  Now apparently Trump will increase that number by fourteen million.

Is anyone surprised?

Watson:  not me

I didn't think it would surprise you, Watson.  Your perspicacity has been surprising me.

I said I would give him a chance and I did.  He failed ... egregiously.

One of the most ludicrous aspects of Obama's medical plan was he would tax you if you don't sign up for it.  What the fuck threat did he think that was for people who have no money.  Fool.

There's no need for an extended editorial since I doubt anyone is surprised at all that Trump turned out to be just another Goldman Sachs chump monkey like all the other slime dogs before him, at least back to Reagan.

I've seen his intentions for tax changes and, what do you know, that plan has no resemblance to the campaign either and you bet there's another golden giveaway for the filthy rich.

Ed:  are you pining for Clinton now?

No chance.  She was just as dangerous as Trump and just as beholden to Golden Sachs, probably more so since she's a relative pauper next to Trump.  She's never done anything beyond sucking for money and Trump does it too but at least he takes time off for golf once in a while.

Note: he's been slammed for his golfing but actually Obama did it more than he as President.  George Bush the Lesser was hardly ever in Washington and spent most of his time on his crumby ranch pretending it was as good as the White House.  Andrew Jackson may have been the worst President but George Bush the Lesser was easily the laziest.

We deserve better and if you don't believe that, don't you think America does.


Anonymous said...

My daughter pay $10 per month for Healthcare Marketplace insurance.

Anonymous said...

My daughter pay $10 per month for Healthcare Marketplace insurance.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I'm truly glad for her that she finds anything which makes sense in this mess.