Monday, March 13, 2017

Julian Assange Joins the Ranks of Millions Who Find Donald Trump an Embarrassment

Julian Assange has launched a scathing attack on the quality of the US intelligence report that says his organization was involved in hacking the presidential election.

Speaking at a news conference broadcast on Periscope Monday, the founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks said the report was "embarrassing to the reputation of the US intelligence services."  

CNN: WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange: US hacking report is 'embarrassing'

"It does not even make assertions for the most part... it uses speculative terms... it engages us in sneaky conflations... How good a report is it as an intelligence report from 1 to 10?  The evidentiary weight is literally zero.  There is no evidence of any kind supplied," Assange said.


When the intel agencies ostensibly represent all of us, wouldn't it be an improvement to find better ones.  The only good one they had (i.e. Edward Snowden) couldn't stand their lies and left.

In a surprising turn, the video with the CNN article is actually germane to the content and, in this case, it reveals one of Trump's truly stellar flip flops about Russian hacking and the intelligence community, etc.  Don't think about what I said yesterday ... that was yesterday.

It gets better with their latest trendy little war against Assange with some Twitter monkey in Congress posting memes.  That outfit needs better people as well, much better.

When the best you get for Congress is just another Twitter monkey with his stupid memes, you seriously need to start over to get it right next time.  (RT:  WikiLeaks’ Assange hits back at senator’s calls for his imprisonment)

Ed:  who is Senator Ben Sasse?

Just one more dime store rube who thought wearing a tie would make him just like Jesus.  It worked to the opposite effect, however.

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