Saturday, March 18, 2017

Maybe You Wonder Where the Vandals Originated

And maybe you don't but I see the daily news and the first thought almost immediately is about vandalism.  Therefore, I wonder where the Vandals got into it after they played a significant part in history although not the way Trump's Vandals do it now.

Maybe you think this is too dry but maybe I can grab you by telling you the Vandals tribe originated in the land later known as East Germany and now the origin of PEGIDA.  (WIKI:  Vandals)

Note:  that's not precisely true since they appear to have originated in Sweden but wound up more to the South.

The dark green section is the part occupied by the Vandals.  They and other Germanic tribes plagued the Roman Empire and ultimately brought about its collapse.

Watson:  Trump's family comes from Germany originally as Drumpf and some are still there but claim no association with him.  How about if the Drumpf family comes from the same region as the original Vandals.  Then we have a genetic linkage to destructiveness and vandalism, right?

You've been screwing with my ganja again, haven't you, Watson.   Don't do that.  It just scares you.

Watson:  but what irony to confirm the Drumpf family was part of a tribe of people who were terrorists from the standpoint of the Roman Empire!

When you go back two thousand years for it, you haven't found irony but rather a rock on the ground and, unless there's gold in it, the rock ain't worth nothin'.

And leave my damn ganja alone, Watson.  Next you will want to play the Galaxy Guitar but that's not going to happen.

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