Thursday, March 16, 2017

Luxury Highway Touring with an Airstream Caravan Trailer

In some cases, the old style was more deluxe than the new and Airstream at Hollywood Vintage Trailers presents one of those ways.

Maybe you think, "What's so luxy about that as you have probably seen one of these at some time although perhaps not recently."

The exterior is much like aircraft styling for less drag and all kinds of practical reasons.  Inside your world changes altogether.

When did you ever see a galley like that before in any type of vehicle.  This would even be suitably elegant for inside one's actual home.  It's hardly a down home country look but it strikes me just fine.

Everything is appropriate to the period and you won't get this one inexpensively but you will get it, oh, so stylishly.

You missed the stream with this one since it's already sold but Hollywood Vintage Trailers has multiple really remarkable restorations like this.  If you're at all faint of wallet, this is probably a dream land but it's a cool one to see.  In my case, I'm laughable of wallet but it's still impressive to see these immaculate restorations.  I had never paid much attention to them in the past so this is new to me as much as to you most likely.


Anonymous said...

yeah...I liked that one too!

Peas InOurThyme said...

I had no idea they're so beautiful inside!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing one parked up by the house with a For Sale sign--years ago...I thought how cool it would be to tour around and paint the scenery. Of course it was a pipe dream. It was $1,500 and in more or less good condition and the interior was original. This was before they were popular again. ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

Well, I specialize in pipe dreams but I never would have imagined you could get one so inexpensively.

I couldn't believe the interior of it. It felt like the Forties or Fifties or something and looked so good. Now I see why they were so popular at the time.