Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jake Tapper Gives Good Head

Tapper made the scene earlier when he interviewed some senator who said some other congressmeat was despicable for saying we need to bring back a white America.  (CNN:  Senator: King is leader of 'Make America White')

Thanks, Jake.  I feel a little less tense now and I'm ready to deal with the world.

Apparently someone must be unclear about the rampaging racism in America.   However, getting to anyone that thick is not a high priority at the Rockhouse as we really don't consider such organisms as sentient.

Have a ball with Jake, tho.  He gives good head.

With fifteen hundred identified nuclear weapons in America and the Pentagon probably isn't competent enough to track all the tactical nukes they've built, getting a hard on for some asshole with a bad attitude is a complete waste of time.

Yah, Tapper found a racist.  How fucking hard is that in America?  Kee-rist.

Watson:  he's making clear the KKK is in Congress!

So what?  The KKK has been in Congress since its inception in Tennessee around the time of the Civil War and the only time anyone says anything is when someone so brazen as David Duke takes a crack at it.

Trump gives good head too, at least my sister is kind of diggin' it since she loves to spank him and, of course, he really digs that.

I suggested to her the CIA is the real demon and Trump is just another puppet but she doesn't want to hear it.  That Trump ... he's an asshole, man.

Guess what will change if you replace Trump ... absolutely nothing.  Who do you think hooked up the CIA with drone weapons in the first place ... Obama.  They're just puppets.

The determination to be trivial is disappointing, particularly when people are paid big bucks to lead the way.

Watson:  they're just deliberate distractions.  The state wants them.


OK, that got some laffs from Yevette so let 'er rip.

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