Monday, March 13, 2017

It's Not Happening with Mister Bojangles Flying Circus ... but ...

My fantasy about a bus Lotho may acquire is he would load it up with his kids and their kids and use it as a flying circus.  That could be wild fun but maybe just a wee bit frenetic.  He advises his plan is actually to tour about in elegance with the missus and sometimes the Fairy Princess.

I'm sure the kids will want to cadge a ride since who could resist.

Whoa, here's a thought.  It's one thing when your kid first wants to borrow your car but how about when he wants to borrow your bus.  There's one of life's unusual circumstances.

Lotho is highly-aware of car-trading / vehicle-trading and I've no doubt he can find an exceptional deal in a used bus of the luxy kind.  It's not my purpose to spend his money to write up how luxy but it sounds like some kind of luxy bus.

Here's another look at the luxy bus for $2.5 million.  (Ithaka:  Luxury Highway Touring for When a Million is Too Chintzy for You)

Lotho is a sensible fellow and I've never known him to be amused by trinkets so shining lights at him won't confuse him at all.  I'm sure when / if he finds a bus, it will have the features he needs and he damn sure won't spend millions for it.

Ed:  does he have millions?

How should I know.  I just leave it to 'he does ok' and that works fine.  He says he can buy a bus so, ok, he can buy one so let's find it for him (larfs).

We're not going to go off to find a bus but hopefully the videos presented have provided some useful information toward finding one even if only for deciding, nope, don't want that.

The idea of it is the coolness since a bus is about the best in disconnected luxury you can find.  No-one knows where you are and, unless you turn on a cellphone, they can't find out without cops patrolling the highways.  In effect, you're off the grid while you're right in the middle of it, kicked back on a leather couch in the back of the bus.

Mrs Lotho has busted ass in her life since her career has required spending an enormous amount of time in airports as she flew to the various situations plus it demanded a great deal of off-work time.  She rose up in the company and hung out with the big dealers so now ... stop all that.  We're not going to do anything and, more importantly, you aren't.

If anyone would have any difficulty switching pace like that, it likely won't be Lotho since he's been adjusting pace for some while and it seems the idea of that bus is dancing about in front of him.  How about if my only responsibility is ensuring the tanks are filled with diesel and the telephone won't ring because I turned it off.


Sure I can get a satisfactory vicarious buzz out of this since, as soon as I see the bus, I'll know, wow, he fuckin' did it, man.  I know the pleasure of being out on the road like that and not to the level of a luxy bus but road goodness comes at different levels and most without leather couches.  You don't need the leather couch but why not if you can afford it since Lotho doesn't use anything just to throw it away.  He had a ride-around mower which must have been built during the Depression but he was still using it because, man, it's still got some use left in it.

Don't be sitting on the edge of your chair waiting out the suspense since there's no telling when he may do such a thing.  With a wedding at the end of next month, I suspect his thoughts are not so much drawn to buses just now anyway.

This can't close without a pitch for Europe before committing to the bus.  For a tiny fraction of the cost of the bus, Lotho and Mrs Lotho could rent a car in London and then roll all over Europe with it for small dollars.  I can't emphasize strongly enough how much it will bring to you in getting to know people from other cultures.  That was easily one of the most enriching experiences of my life and the emphasis remains that you will never see what I saw on a tour bus.  You've got to get out there and meet people and (gasp) talk to them.

Neither Lotho nor Mrs Lotho has any particular reticence about their use of their gifts of gab so talking with people in such a way I suspect would be tremendous for them.  There's no way to learn all the primary languages of Europe without being Christopher Lee.  I might be mistaken since it might have been Vincent Price who knows an incredible number of languages.  Even so, knowledge of another language is incredibly helpful even when it's only two of them.

This has been a long-time hope since, after seeing a good bit of Europe, I was thinking, man, Lotho has got to see this.  Thus far he has not but it could happen.


Anonymous said...

The basic difference between a tour bus and an RV are slide outs. They allow it to go from 8 ft wide to 16 feet wide.
An RV does not eliminate Europe or Asia or returning to Australia.
Just as a in Honduras or Puerto Rico means that I am only there.
As those houses will hopefully pay for themselves should they come to be a reality rather than a pipe dream. As you say dream big it might actually happen
Yes the kids will be allowed to use it to go to festivals etc.
And are not excluded from trips just not permanent members of the walkabout. Is it cheating if you drive the walkabout

Peas InOurThyme said...

Noooo, finest kind.

It sounds like you have it scoped well already and I'm curious as hell to see what comes. Driving it down here wouldn't show me since it would be impossible to get it near the place when the street barely tolerates two cars at once and usually doesn't. Pics would be wonderful.

Ever so curious as to what you will do.

Anonymous said...

Dallas is a flyby destination. I am thinking an RV is more the National Parks etc

Anonymous said...

But doing dinner at the Texan on next flyby sounds cool

Peas InOurThyme said...

Sure sounds cool down here. Love to see that bus too, tho (larfs).

It may yet be possible as the active plan here is to get Yevette better. Many things will change after (e.g. diet) but mobility should improve. I seem to be on a slow glide path so, ok, I can still go with that.