Sunday, March 12, 2017

Is the Hummer Really as Horrible as it Seems

The Hummer is arguably the most-hated vehicle on the road where it's associated primarily with Arnold Schwarzenegger, failed military campaigns, and fat people.

I didn't know all that much about Hummer, largely due to lack of interest, but I see most of them drive about like old women are at the steering so that gets a bit of curiosity as to what's the situation with those rolling eyesores, this mobile temples of indiscriminate self-indulgence.

There's also the question, of course, of whether the Hummer represents an art statement or it only comes from people so desperate to be artificially different they even buy one of these.

Ed:  you have that question?

Not really but it occurred to me

Right away we get an explanation for why the bad guys drive Toyota pickup trucks.  The Hummer is so underpowered, they could probably catch it with a bicycle.

The vehicles are not as bad ass as they're portrayed and that's in many ways but maybe the most amusing is a Toyota Camry has a longer body.

Given the size of the vehicle, I expect better legroom than one gets on international flights on aircraft.  Instead it's even worse but at least you don't have to eat the food.

The only part of the interior which has all that much room is in the rear where there is plenty of space for storing bodies.  Serial killers may want to note that one.

Not you, Arnold.  No more of that.

The only thing the reviewer liked about the vehicle was it has power steering.

Ed:  why the hell did he buy it then?

He never gave any idea of that.  This might be a time to wax up the Edsel, mate.  You could probably get top dollar from this boy.

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