Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Headache Has Been Distorting the Matrix

Two or three days of this rot and aficionados of skull-crushing headaches know the game so we don't need any details.  Functionality goes up and down in that period but it might be whipped now although I'm so loaded with aspirin from it.  There are repercussions from that but not as bad as the headache.

It's varying functionality which frosts me and my personal demand to be more functional probably exacerbates the situation but things are happening and articles need to be written.  That was part of the scene last night since I slept for most of it which is highly uncharacteristic.  The result from that is fewer articles so that bugs me.

Ed:  who gives a shit when you don't get paid for it?

Well, me.  In my thinking, it has to be worth a shit or talking about getting paid for it is pointless.

Ed:  do you think it's worth a shit now?

Actually, yes.  I'm constantly watching myself for going overboard loading things with political cheapshots.  I'll still do it but there's no burning need for it.  In looking back at a few of the articles from 2013, I see there's been a bit of an evolution in the Silas and, I like to think, for the better.

I look out for anything which might be willfully hurtful and things of that nature.  Some things were hurtful even when I did not intend them that way.  For example, eating the rich is one of my favorites but the filthy rich who own planets, Spacely Sprockets, or whatever are the rich I mean.  Those ones extended the depth of rich to include the people who busted ass all their lives, usually with a partner, and saved up maybe a few million dollars.  In my view, those are the good guys and the ones on the top are the bad guys.

Ed:  so you think the extremely filthy rich are using the saved it up themselves rich as meat shields?


The headache situation is perplexing since we have seen it previously with migraine in which the visual distortion comes but I know how to deal with that and I don't usually go blind with a headache.  This other kind, whatever it is, sneaks in without the visual aura and then won't fucking leave.

The resolution is to take the situation to Ms Kersa the next time I see her.  Nothing but aspirin has any effect on me but maybe it's time to start packing anti-migraine meds.

If you're young and don't know the game, the first time it happened was in my late teens.  There was a banging headache but I finally got to sleep.  When I awoke, it was still there, I freaked but that's how it goes.  These bitches hang about for days.

Your response is to reduce stress, exhaustion, and to improve nutrition.  If you get those ones together, you may never need meds because no more of this type of headache will come.

Call this a withdrawal if you like but there's ganja right here now but I've been chicken to smoke it unless it brings that bastard headache back.

Here's some exceptional ganja knowledge which is no surprise at all in California.  A package of the CBD pills (i.e. concentrated ganja with the high removed) is inexpensive.  America's medieval laws on the matter make a mess of getting it in Texas but CBD could be perfect for Yevette since she doesn't want the buzz all that much but the anti-nausea aspect during chemo is large.


Anonymous said...

Do a little more research Texas will open its first dispensary early summer and CBD oil will be on thier list.
Tinkerbell is the one to talk to as epilepsy, chemo patients will be allowed to purchase with Dr recommendation

Peas InOurThyme said...

Thank you. That's some excellent knowledge to have. It's not soon enough for Yevette but it's good to know they get cracking on it.