Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cats Like Milk a Little But Pandas Like it a Lot

Hang with it until the helpers get milk bottles to all of them and then behold panda bliss.

There are multiple videos showing Chinese people with large arrays of pandas but I have no idea how they come by so many of them.  Perhaps these are rescue outfits which have saved them after parents have been killed, poached, etc.

Ed:  maybe they're clones.  Western scientists cloned sheep already.

That would be nicely twisted.  We need to add some GMO since pandas are the most boring creatures anywhere.  They don't do anything except eat bamboo ... all day long.  They need more interesting characteristics.

Ed:  teach them how to bounce a ball and make them the Panda Globetrotters.

That works.  Keep going with it.

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