Saturday, March 18, 2017

After Russia Takes Over America

We keep getting threatened with Russia taking over America and we all become subjects of the Great Satan, Vladimir Putin.

What would really happen, tho.

You've got to figure Russians either don't like us very much or would be at least deeply-mistrustful after being insulted relentlessly for so incredibly long.  They will want the Wall Street money but occupation would be a massive drag because you can make the capture but you can't stop the whining and it would be insufferable.  Even if defeated Americans don't attack in some kind of insurrection, they will bug the holy fuck out of you.  No-one will want to occupy America; that's some hard duty, comrade.

It would be insane for them to wipe us out because they will need workers to build stuff, grow food, be subservient, etc.  Washington would be croaked since no-one needs them but Russia needs those workers.  That's us; we live.

The economy won't collapse because, despite Washington's blustery bullshit, the military is not keeping the economy alive but rather killing it.  Consumer spending is about seventy or eighty percent of the GDP.  You, in fact, are the only ones who can make or break the economy and, meanwhile, Washington is gutting it.

So far, Russia is winning for benefit to us but what else happens.


Toss it.  Now it's fussball.  The running backs may make it but the other footballers are screwed.


I think it would survive.  After I see the young richies in Moscow going NASCAR in their Lambos in the streets, I think NASCAR will do just fine.  Start the countdown until the Moscow 500.

Now you're Metric

Suck it ... but ... look at the bright side:  at least you can use your fingers to count it.

Russian Rock

They still haven't really smoked my temporal plane like X Japan but there's huge potential.

Learn Russian

For me, I already choked on Greek so I'm dead meat with Russian.  Learning another language is one thing but learning one which uses another alphabet goin' make your head swim.

I don't think much of anything would change if the Russians suddenly managed to snuff Washington, just wipe it off the map.  At first Wall Street is scared and pissed ... but ... the very next thought is how do I make a buck on it; they always do.

Welcome, Vlad.  Let's talk business.  They will flip faster than you can ring a church bell on a Sunday.  They will be there.

The only real damage to the economy which comes from losing Washington is in trying to defend it so there's your answer:  don't defend it and let those bastards sink just like they do with us.  They have their bunkers for surviving a nuke war but they don't do shit for us, do they.  Fuck 'em.

Flip it the other way around and America finally comes up with some zillion-dollar electronic toy which works and instantly snuffs Moscow.  Now you need to send an occupation force into Russia to manage the country and what kind of dribbling lunatic would walk into that.  No-one would want to be stationed there any more than a Russian would want to be stationed here.  Do you seriously want to be the Russki who gets stationed in America surrounded by three hundred million people who vehemently hate the ground you occupy and resent the air you breathe.

An insane global competition continues on and on and on but what do you get if you win it.  From the Rockhouse perspective, it seems you get something you don't even want and couldn't possibly handle.  The best way to lose this competition is to win it.

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