Monday, June 5, 2017

The Obscenity and Hypocrisy of the N-Word

There are so many times online where you may encounter someone write F**K or some time simple alternative but there isn't any doubt in this duplicity which word will appear in your brain.  The Rockhouse doesn't fuck around with disingenuous bullshit of that nature which perverts the language rather than purifying it.  Those asterisks are nothing more than Bowdlerism with simple punctuation.

Note:  Bowdler wanted to take the dirty shit out of Shakespeare and has been a laughingstock for it ever since.

The most vile and disingenuous obscenity of the lot is the N-word since that doesn't conjure two offensive words in your mind but at least two for double your racist amusement.  If you want to eliminate those words from the language then don't fucking use them and don't use cheap ass substitutes which pretend they do not continue the same thought.  The word will exist for as long as symbols about it exist as well.

Use of the alternative here only constitutes an evil shock treatment when you know the word already and there's no point in reiterating beyond, again, continuing the existence of the word.

As above, if you want to obliterate the word then stop fucking using it.  The Rockhouse has no interest in eliminating fuck from the language since it can be so marvelously expressive a ways few other words offer.  However, the other needs to disappear yesterday ... or a hundred+ years ago.

For example, snollygoster is a legitimate English word which defines a shrewd, undisciplined person, typically a politician.  When was the last time you heard it despite a clear and immediate need for it regarding Washingtonian politics.  Right.  That word done gone away.  Who knows why it disappeared but there's incontrovertible evidence people stopped using it.

If you want to kill the other then lose it and walk away from it.

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