Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Navy is Sinking, the Budget is Stinking, and Woe, Woe, Woe is Me

A multi-billion dollar submarine sails toward some multi-billion dollar aircraft carriers

Despite campaign promises to rebuild the military from the twin disasters of sequestration and the 2011 Budget Control Act combined with nearly 16 years of combat deployments, the first Trump budget for the Navy does little to look to the future. This proposed budget only begins to fix the neglect of the past, placing more emphasis on getting the ships and submarines the repairs they desperately need.

Foxtrot Alpha:  The U.S. Navy is Screwed

Now ain't that bleedin' tragic.  It also isn't true.  The military budget has been over half a trillion a year decreasing somewhat back to the Reagan buildup which was not as big as the one which took place under Bush and Obama.

The actual fact is the military is too big and America can't afford it.  Setting aside any moral issues, fantasy or otherwise, the neglect from the military is in the context of things which got no support because the military had already blown all the money.

The immediate reaction from the Bitter Right is America damn sure can afford it; why, just look at the GDP ... but the GDP has nothing to do with it and the tax income does.  The military takes over half of it and has done for years.

The source article is provided for your amusement and edification since you won't likely find more of a right-wing weeper albeit without the glycerine tears of Alex Jones or that other Fox yahoo, Glenn someone or other.

I doubt anyone reading this has any more tolerance for the military spending and the Rockhouse isn't going near the issues of morality in it.  Doing this is simply bad business when the only possible outcome of trying to dominate the world is a war no-one can possibly win.  The Rockhouse doesn't see that as a morality issue so much as a matter stupid bloody mindedness (i.e. Amerika Über Alles).

In actual effect, America is seeking in world domination exactly that which the country has always sought to prevent but that is the specific aim of the Bitter Right.  They can cry all they like and they won't even get a Kleenex from the Rockhouse.  We have heard this for far too long and it's never delivered any tangible result except international bankruptcy.


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