Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Comey Speeches, Chasing Bubbles, and What of Prosecution

Few things have been quite so ludicrous as the hottest trend since disco, the Russians are Coming.  Yesterday, after Comey was apparently finished, CNN posited, "What if there's a smoking gun?"

If you get past the sophomoric journalistic pose, the question actually means, "What if Comey has any single fucking fact of any kind whatsoever."

Robert DeNiro made a fortune in a movie called "Wagging the Dog" or something of that nature and yet, in the real circumstance, he was just as canine as the rest of the mutts chasing bubbles only he managed to appear even more stupid about it.

However, there was sworn testimony in front of the U.S. Senate from James Comey that he had leaked official information with no authorization to do it.  That specific problem has plagued Washington and yet it was standing before them with its head bowed before Jesus, saying, "Yeah, I fuckin' did that.  Bite me."

The Senate did nothing; in fact, no-one did anything and that brings us back to the dog for the only one in the game who seems to have any idea what he's doing except turning up to work for a paycheck.

In some cases, leaking information is important and vital as was the case with Chelsea Manning.  However, the substantive difference is Manning leaked information whereas Comey only leaks bile, none of which is associated with one scintilla of evidence.

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