Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Such a Marvelous Human" #Poetry

A charming old man in Clifton
had such a shock of his white hair
he could try to comb it
but it really didn't care
He dressed quite well
but he showed no wealth
He seemed happy with his manner
and with his measure of good health

It was a puzzle for me to watch him
when he would cross the street
he might try and try again
to walk across but then retreat
There was no way to tell
what thing he saw
but there was no violation
it wasn't rule of law

He would try, three, four, five times
until he finally arrived
but slowly as it happened;
That's how it came oftentimes
At first it seemed quite funny
in the the troubles he would have
but he never would stop trying
and eventually he would land

I thought, "Such a marvelous human,
when every time he will cross the street
there's some different formidable challenge
but it's one he willingly meets
as many times as he must try
he steps out to meet that terror
until he finally walks on by"

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones


Anonymous said...

I know that man! Let me think of his name.

This is going to get ya...50 years!!! Where did the time go!!


Peas InOurThyme said...

That link was cute and fifty years do poof in a hurry but I hope he is still walking around Clifton since he wasn't that much older. Barbie called them Gooney Birds including he and other Cliftonites who manifested various idiosyncrasies. It was a bit snarky but I think she was also diggin' it that they could be flat-out crazy and harmless with some type of beautiful innocence about them.