Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Help Me Ease Your Pain" #Poetry

Damn you, doctor, I won't take them
I hate those demon drugs
They may be good for pain
but they turn my mind to mush
I stabbed him in his heart 
and everywhere I could
I would kill this evil monster
as any sane man would

"Help me ease your pain,"
he said with his dying words
but I just kept on stabbing
and that was the last I heard
The pain became no less
but those demon drugs were gone
although I knew they would back
they're never gone for long

As I rose to my feet
and started to awaken
I realized I was dreaming
and no life was forsaken
The only victim of my crime
had only feathers inside
and then I had no pillow
for the rest of my good night

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

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