Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bernie Sanders Declares the Schism with Neoliberals #Politics

The only regret the Rockhouse has with Bernie Sanders is he did not identify the schism earlier with the neoliberals (e.g. B. Clinton, B. Obama, H. Clinton) due to a sense of loyalty to the Democratic Party which we subsequently saw neoliberals (i.e. H. Clinton, B. Obama) used to try to destroy him.

No longer is there any pussyfooting about.  (The Guardian:  Bernie Sanders lambasts 'absolute failure' of Democratic party's strategy)

Sanders’ speech was rapturously received at the People’s Summit in Chicago. 

Photograph: Bebeto Matthews/AP

Note the first gig for The Guardian since there was no need for using rapturously to imply a state of religious frenzy.

The Democratic party must understand what side it is on. And that cannot be the side of Wall Street, or the fossil fuel industry, or the drug companies.

Sanders’s speech was rapturously received at the People’s Summit, a gathering of some of the most influential progressive activists and organizations in the country.

- Guardian

There's nothing in that you haven't heard repeatedly from the Rockhouse and the #Politics tag is on this one since I may offer opinions whereas I never will with announcements from Bernie Sanders or Our Revolution; those are always presented verbatim just as I received them.

Again the Guardian neoliberal threw rapturously into the mix since they have a bit of problem because they're stopped cold in their own hypocrisy so can only go purple to try to marginalize him.

It's not that some of the most influential progressive activists and organizations were there but rather the ONLY examples of them in America were there.  We don't need Gianforte to keep The Guardian out since they weren't part of it from the start and instead have been waving flags for Clinton, shutting down Standing Rock, and begging for trinkets from Goldman Sachs while acting like any of that is in any way related to feminism.

Why Neoliberals are not acceptable in polite company anywhere on the planet:

Barack Obama was the worst President for civil rights since Reagan destroyed Miranda and the Fourth Amendment (i.e. protection against illegal search and seizure).

Some subset of black people seems almost worshipful of Obama to this day and the Rockhouse observes he is black so his election was a milestone but all that showed is a black President can be just as bad as a white one.  The Rockhouse doesn't care if Obama wore a turtle shell painted up like a Ninja; he was a fuckin' lousy President.

Some perceive Obamacare as a blessing for the poor but the fact is it didn't do anything for us beyond ensuring the Untouchables live in a wasteland where no-one will ever come.  Obamacare was just another ploy to tie America deeper to privatized insurance and, for that fact alone, it's rubbish.

There's no need to flog an itemized list since Neoliberals probably bailed after the first one since they have a whale-size problem dealing with reality.

England gives further evidence for the overall premise of the schism since the rise of Jeremy Corbyn shunted Neoliberals aside since they have been trying to trash him as well.

The Rockhouse strongly believes the only way the Democratic Party will be able to hold its head up with any pride is to live exactly by the principles Bernie Sanders is elucidating since he has known the way all along no matter how much others may have tried to controvert it for nefarious and typically financial purposes.

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