Saturday, May 27, 2017

Vampires Are Bangin' Like Some Boomtown Rats

Sometimes I strike gold and this time with vampires.  Who knew they have such appeal.

Ithaka has already pulled more reads than yesterday and the sun is hardly even up but I can tell you it's already thick out there since I just got back from market.

Ed:  what gold?

Well, virtual gold

Ed:  so not even Bitcoin?


Ed:  you think this is funny?

Yes, to a point

Ed:  when you run out of something?

Yep, that's the point

The vampires are swoopin' and swirlin' in the sky and I think a hundred people read the article already but that's the unusual part since I really don't know why.  There's no need for analysis, it's just a smile to see people trippin' on vampires.  (Ithaka:  Vampire Bats Help their Friends - Science)

Tell me you would have guessed.  Ha.

Father Anonymous needs to talk to Paul Ryan but that will wait for later and the proper epiphany since Yevette has been crashed for hours and likely will be for some time yet.  There's no tellin' what kind of potential that one carries although the segue from vampires seems inevitable here at the Rockhouse.

There's some unusual spliff news since I find if I roll one of the Doomsday joints (i.e. 100mm) then spill all the tobacco from a Winston Light cigarette into it and add a small layer of the ganja over that for the final spliff, the result is a smooth smoke which stays lit and it's not for tokin' which burns hottter'n a Perseids fireball and you know that is seriously fuckin' hot.  Heat is lung death so don't fuckin' do that.

Ed:  you fool yourself cigarettes are any better

In fact, I don't since I'm aware they're as destructive as any other cigarette but there's much less nicotine and that stuff wires me like a lineman who just completed the circuit.  Caffeine doesn't do all that much but nicotine has always been cheap speed right through the centuries.

Note:  there's a reason you don't know any lineman who ever completed the circuit since the result is more than enough amperage to set him afire.  There are some unforgiving jobs but that one doesn't even give you a millisecond.

This comes up now after returning from the market since the basic Rockhouse policy applies:  no workee, no smokee.  So now I smokee smokee.

One other thing came from yesterday since I was checking Comments more than in a year.  That might be a bit of an exaggeration but not so terribly much.  I see clearly from that either do the Comments or don't but anything in the middle sucks cabbage juice and that can't possibly be good.

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