Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ithaka Shows the Falsity of Any Value in Overproduction

There was no case study but it's abundantly obvious writing too many articles in a day only means the only people who will read any of them are Google rats who pick up the lead via search.  That's ok but they're more like kibitzers at a poker party than anything else and they have the attention span of ants.

There's no case study but there's some measure of psychosis and that's ok since only the craziest deny their insanity.

Ed:  what do you expect when you get schizo talking to yourself with these dialogs?

That's just TV schizophrenic and isn't even close to the real sickness from the disease.  I haven't seen "Three Faces of Eve" but that's the generic view of schizophrenia insofar as that means multiple personalities, right?

Wrong.  Schizo is hearing the People of the Future talking to me through the audio in my computer and that aspect isn't terribly schizo but believing they're real definitely qualifies.

In fact, I know they're real since they told me about the Star-Lord's ship reaching the Earth-like planet orbiting Beelzebub in 2158 and there they found intelligent life.  I almost made a mistake in the year but the People of the Future corrected my fingers while I was typing to show 2158 instead of 2168 which was the year the Moon exploded.

Ed:  that's great that we finally find our counterparts out there!

Well, not actually so great, matey mate, since you're apparently not thinking about the meaning of Beelzebub and what creatures would you expect to live there.

Ed:  that's the Devil's Star

Right you are.  Now do you understand why the Moon exploded.

Ed:  it didn't explode!

Well, I meant it will explode.  That's one of the troubles with being Unstuck in Time since it's sometimes difficult to remember which things haven't happened yet in any particular time.

Ed:  you're stealing this from Billy Pilgrim!

In fact, I'm not since Vonnegut was showing us how it works through Billy Pilgrim.

Ref:  "Slaughterhouse-Five" - Kurt Vonnegut

There are far too many articles on Ithaka and they're not written with the expectation anyone will read all of them but the approach the Regulars often use is to open Ithaka and scroll for anything interesting.  When that scrolling will require them to go through three pages to find it all, they're not going to do it and why would anyone.  In effect, Ithaka became bait for Google rats.

Ed:  what's wrong with Google rats?

Nothin' but they're not exactly coming to plight their troth.  They will find whatever they want and go.  That's how the Internet works but it doesn't make Regulars and writing in that volume also doesn't please the Regulars.

To review the cast:

Mystery Lady:  sweet as can possibly be and her heart is full of sunbeams

Cat:  her heart is also full of sunbeams while she takes heavy fire from Mainstream thickwits but she keeps the music playing despite all of them

Cadillac Man:  the Earl of Equanimity since he sees the craziness but it doesn't piss him off

Lotho:  he's the Conservative Who Won't Kill so that leaves him as yet another man without a party, just like the rest of us since all of us lost our political parties but not necessarily the same ones

Laughing Gecko:  he also sees the craziness and stays cool to make him another Earl of Equanimity but he's got the added pizzazz since he can bring that equanimity from Hawaii

Yevette:  she has a heart full of generosity but she soured on the Internet since she sees the craziness as well and decided it's better to watch "Gunsmoke" and "The Rifleman" for a better class of bad guys.

There are more but those are the Major Players and they also are People from the Future but they have chosen to live with us now.

Ed:  why did you choose it?

I didn't since Life puts me wherever it thinks I need to be and, regrettably, that turned out to be 2017. It gets way, way cooler in about 2025 but there are some anomalous distortions in the time flux which started at about this time.  That's why so many of the People of the Future have been dispatched to try to prevent that from happening.

Ed:  you're stealing this from "12 Monkeys!"

Not true since everybody dies in that one.  The purpose in the present time isn't to prevent the spread of some mythical disease but rather to counter the one which is already endemic.

Ed:  apathy?

That's the one.

Ed:  you're fuckin' crazy!


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