Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Most Tasteless Pot Pipe Which Ever Existed and It's Mine, Damn It

The grinder is the device behind the pipe and that may look nasty but that's after around nine years of use for dutiful nug crushing.  I'm surprised the grinder isn't caked top to bottom with ganja stuff.  I've tried getting it off but that would need steel wool (i.e. won't happen).

Ganja is my answer to things making sense since they don't otherwise.  I don't understand why people are such crooked, greedy bastards.  I know YOU are not but you also know the world is riddled with them.  It always comes back to the same thing.

But that just means I'm crazy and they start hooting and laughing.

I move along and smoke my herb.

I tell them as I leave that it hasn't changed since I was a kid but they don't listen and keep making it worse as if they have some grand wisdom from God ... but we could have changed the world and made it a whole lot better for a whole lot of of people.  So I will smoke my herb and hope the children do better than we.

The trouble with modern ganja is also the best part since it's wizard strength but it also makes a lot of resin (i.e. nasty ass goo) and the pipe gets skanked quickly.  I need to change screens every few days and that may seem the result of a king hell crazy reefer blowout but, in fact, the load in the bowl of the pipe above will go for quite a while.  I'm tellin' you; the neoganja kicks ass.

After a bit longer, the pipe gets so skanked that it's almost impossible to clean so that means an upgrade to the current finest and you see it above.  She's a beaut, huh?  She's got all the colors you need for a new eastern European country's flag and it was only twelve bucks.

Ed:  maybe Czechoslovakia.  They've got stoners galore.

Let's write them and I'm sure they will consider it.  When we see they're listening to Trump, they'll obviously listen to anyone.

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