Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Current Rockhouse View

The survey of the ritzy highway cruisers was interesting and it seemed y'all were diggin' it.  There's not much more to pursue with that since the real story is what will Lotho do when he makes a move.  It might be tomorrow or it might be years so don't be getting too impatient waiting.

There's some ongoing interest in houseboats and not the tiny ones which are too weak in their facilities nor the ritzy ones which no-one can afford except richie people no-one ever sees.  The object in that search would be to find a real four-season houseboat where you can live full-time without missing a thing.

Right now the interest is in wading through the history of the Dark Ages between when Rome fell and when some type of civilization returned.  It may have been the most horrible period of human existence but there's still much to be learned from it.

The general political situation is falling apart and becomes steadily less interesting as the sameness of everything slags over the land.  Today it was announced Trump has authorized to CIA to perform independent drone strikes.  They're the closest thing to the SS of anything else on the planet. Ban them as they will damn sure ban you.

Elimination of Facebook is near final.  That locus has become Cop Central in America and it's amazing how how addlepated morons put video of crimes on there.  Zuckerberg said today Facebook will no longer permit surveillance of dissidents.  (RT: Facebook bars developers from surveillance after activist complaints)

Watson:  why did they ever?

Exactly.  Facebook and Zuckerberg work exactly the same as those who helped the FBI bug Martin Luther King's bedroom.  The back side of Zuckerberg's statement is that surveillance is ok for everyone else ... and, in a police state, it would be.

Cuz Gillian is now officially a sofa surfer as well and there's an attempt to connect via Twitter but that has not worked as yet.  No luck today on talking with Mystery Lady and also not with Tinkerbell but the latter is mostly because I'm usually asleep on second shift.  Cuz Gillian is in Scotland so not much of a way to help, I'm afraid.  I'm sure Yevette would put her up if she came here but she would likely lose the Brit bennies so it probably couldn't work for her.

Hopefully calls will work out tomorrow since things won't start getting, erm, busy until Monday.

There's a defensive perimeter going up around Yevette and The Word is you've got to believe and it brings the corollary that nothing matters except getting better, girl.  There's no intention to consider support groups since my craw is entirely filled with support groups after online so we will play this out together as in the Rockhouse and the Regulars.  Any negativity from external sources is guaranteed to be met with resistance.  There is only one focus:  getting her better.

No-one except friendlies can get near Yevette on Ithaka and that's generally how it will go.

Ed:  what's wrong with support groups?

I went to one for music in Dallas with Second Life and they stole $10K of my kit.  Any questions?  (larfs)

One of the most shocking aspects of the circumstance has been two advisories that it was caused by various activities subjectively classified as 'high-risk behavior' but, after reading, you will discover the biggest risk factor, as with anything else, is diet.  You are what you eat, now and always, and a high-fat diet is fast path to an oncologist.  Yes, Johnny, you really do need to eat that broccoli.

As to my own circumstance, allergy to the ganja is clear since congestion relieves relatively quickly when I run out of it.  There's no chance I will stop but that's going to change behavior somewhat.  I've been running various tests for quite a while to try to isolate that and there's no escaping ganja as that source.

I've just come off script for steroids and antibiotic ... which did not much at all.  I had hoped at least for some craziness from the steroids but that didn't happen although usually that stuff makes me completely nuts.

Ed:  weren't you already?

I'm not the one pushing the nukes or backing CIA kill teams, mate.

Health in general is poor but there's no radical change although they will cut me again in a few weeks.  In fact, that's a two-fer week and they will cut Yevette that week as well.  Joy joy feelings abound and you may be appalled but in this world we find ways to make comedy out of it.  Wimps aren't allowed as they can't possibly hack it.

Meanwhile, I'm damn glad I'm not still in Rhode Island as the Northeast isn't having such a good time just now with weather.

© johnkucko / Instagram

You know that's got to suck and it happened yesterday.  (RT:  Ice, ice baby: NY house encased in ice following storm (PHOTOS, VIDEO))

Yevette sometimes get sentimental about the North and thinks it's ok up there but who will shovel the snow?

Tip:  won't be me.  I already did that tour and I didn't like it.  Shoveling snow is the only bigger waste of time than mowing lawns and, glory, your nose freezes while you do it.  What gives more joy joy feelings than that, huh.

No doubt there will be immense whining just as when they were surprised this happened last year.  Memory retention doesn't seem such a strong suit in the North.

For the next event, I'm reviewing some research regarding the Krebs Cycle and the non-biologists may remember that study as the killer in Biology class in high school.  The Krebs Cycle has flunked more freshman out of a Biology curriculum than everything else put together and likely still does that today.  The kids want to be marine biologists but then they discover, oh, shit, I need to know Chemistry too.  That Cycle breaks a lotta hearts but the fascination with it remains the research is deep.  Yes, it includes meteorites.

And some items which weren't worth full articles.

Here's a cop who didn't think civil forfeiture allowed him to steal money from civilians fast enough so he just robbed them outright and kept the money.  (CBS:  Florida cop accused of robbing drivers he pulled over)

Jose Acosta faces charges of armed burglary and armed grand theft, the Miami Herald reports. He was on the force for less than a year, according to the Miami Police Department.

Police allege Acosta would pull over drivers and scare them before seizing their belongings. He was caught in a sting operation and is currently relieved of duty without pay, according to the Herald. 

Note:  cops have used civil forfeiture to seize around two billion from citizens and it doesn't even require any criminal charge; the cop can legally take your money if you have a lot of cash.

Confirmation of the CIA as the functional equivalent of the NAZI SS.  (RT: Trump gave CIA power to authorize drone strikes – report)

Note:  unclear if it's true.  Be wary of that.

President Donald Trump has reportedly given the Central Intelligence Agency the power to conduct drone strikes against suspected terrorists. Under former President Barack Obama, that authority was limited to the Pentagon in the name of transparency.

Unnamed US officials claim that President Trump expanded the power to conduct drone strikes from the Pentagon exclusively to the CIA, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The move has not been confirmed by the Trump administration.

- RT

You heard about A Day Without Women and Texas was inspired to make a Day Without Masturbation.  (RT:  Texas bill outlaws masturbation, in response to abortion legislation)

One Texas lawmaker wants to send a message that limiting reproductive rights should cut both ways. State Representative Jessica Farrar is proposing a bill that restricts men’s access to Viagra and imposes fines for masturbating.

Texan men would face their own sort of reproductive rights struggle if a bill proposed by Rep. Farrar (D-Houston) is approved. Introduced on Friday, House Bill 4260 would fine men $100 for not remaining “fully abstinent” and only allow the “occasional masturbatory emissions inside healthcare and medical facilities,” the bill reads.

- RT

Boaty McBoatface lives.  (RT:  Boaty McBoatface sets off for Antarctica on maiden voyage, met with mixed reactions)

Boaty McBoatface has finally set sail for the Antarctic but not as the internet had originally intended © Natural Environment Research Council / AFP

Sean Spicer really outdid himself today when he said to an Indian woman he's glad America lets her live here.  (RT:  ‘That is racism & is an implied threat’: Spicer’s controversial comments caught on camera (VIDEO))

“How does it feel to work for a fascist?” Chauhan asked Spicer, who appeared to be buying an iPhone. “We have a great country,” Spicer replied.

“Have you helped with the Russia stuff? Are you a criminal as well?” she continued. “Have you committed treason, just like the president?”

“Such a great country that allows you to be here,” Spicer said with a smile.

- RT

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