Monday, March 13, 2017

Only America is Willing to Put Juveniles in Jail for Life

Say what you like about Russia or China, etc but it's America which leads everywhere else in the world on imprisonment for life for juveniles.  (Fox News:  Rapist's request for shorter sentence backfires)

The report on Fox takes some amusement in the result but I wouldn't expect anything better from the people in that mudhole.

The question is whether there's any reason to bury a kid in such a way and the point isn't the specific example as it's only presented for illustration.

A man in Florida who raped, beat and left a teen girl for dead outside a public library eight years ago asked for a shorter sentence -- but instead, the judge on Thursday sent him behind bars for the rest of his life.

Kendrick Morris originally was sentenced to 65 years in prison for the crime, commited when he was a teenager. 

- RT

Skip past your counters for bleeding heart liberalism since I see as well he's a vile and vicious bastard who shows clear signs of psychopathy when he could take so much from the girl simply because he wanted a piece of ass and then dumped her as trash without a second thought when he was done.

Judge Roy:  hang him!

Well, Roy, I know that makes you feel all lucifer inside but you've got it wrong and don't know what the word means.  'Lucifer' derives from Latin and came long before your pretentious, self-indulgent philosophy.  'Luciferous' actually means to bring light.

Therefore, go forth and be luciferous.

Since we want to be luciferous and maybe always have, we want to do better by this kid even when we're likely in agreement with y'all that he's a worthless rat bastard.

So we assume any kid in this category commits some heinous crime at age fifteen.  In America, it's legal to put that kid away for life such that he never gets out of jail.

Suffragette:  what about she?  Girls murder too!

Spare me the sexism since, sure, they do it too and to a surprising level but they still don't do it as much as boys.

Are we going to revisit this kid like he's Morgan Freeman and an old man at Shawshank but, in this case, we still won't let him out.  He's never going to get to that beach in Mexico since this isn't about righting wrongs as it was in that case.

Ref:  "The Shawshank Redemption"

There are few things America does so poorly as deciding what's sufficient.  The only situation in which 'one size fits all' is with a Waffle House breakfast of bacon and eggs.  In all other examples, Americans want as much of everything as they can possibly get.  If there isn't anything they particularly want to get then accumulating money by itself will serve but they will still never get enough of it.

The Rockhouse agrees the kid has a price to pay but no-one seems to have any idea what it should be.

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