Thursday, March 23, 2017

Genital Prudence | Bloom County | Berkeley Breathed

Of course you know the importance of the matter.  Only cats may use this litter box; it's the law.  Opus is the Potty Guard to ensure the sanctity of the stool.

For as long as Bloom County lasts, there is hope.  Opus watches over us all at the Rockhouse.  I have pictures to prove it but I have posted them previously.

Opus is doing a proper job of it since weather is pleasant, vibe is good, and informational sitrep from local sources flows positive.

Note:  that looks like a military word but I never actually heard anyone say it in the Army.

Ed:  Opus is the Rockhouse Potty Guard?

Affirmative and he does a sterling job of it.

Sweetness and sunbeams have been flying about all over the place in recent days and there's furlough until Monday after a few more days of skirmishes.  There was an offer of a trip to Outback from another and that fell apart but it couldn't be helped.  I'm thinking that has to happen anyway.

That's not a back-handed request since I'm not really sure I can hack it when that's some rich chow relative to that which usually passes the Silas' chompers (i.e. prison food).  If I finish that salad, I'm over ... but it's such a good salad.  Then I crap out before the steak even arrives and that beautiful filet would just silently laugh.  You could have held back on that salad but nooooo ...

I know this isn't so cryptic it flies past the regulars and people may think they want detail but they wouldn't.

It looks like time for the eat, drink, and be merry move so that tells me the vino has to be there and this has to be a sit-down gig.  I was thinking to-go might do it but Yevette wouldn't mind a little vino at this particular juncture.

Just had the instant visual of high drama by the roadside if I get popped since the only current ID I've got is a VA card.  A cop is seriously not going to dig that but I've got a king hell weeper of a tale to unload.

The drama isn't getting whacked by the cop but telling that tale.  Who the hell wants to do that.

The drama is real since the cop can make me get the car towed if he wants to be prickish about it.  Yevette is loaded with Don't Think About Driving meds from the doctor and she's well past Vicodin, etc.  That's the juncture with an Extremely-Screwed Circumstance so this could easily turn from dashing to dumb ass.

This looks like a five-point toss-up for Yevette.  I'm willin' so long as we go in daylight hours since I attract zero attention when I'm driving.  I won't be stoned but it's not likely I ever float all the way back down and I'm tanked on the drivers license anyway.

Being brave doesn't mean much if it gets us busted so this will get some review with Yevette.  Yep, that's the ticket.

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