Monday, March 13, 2017

Could You At Least Try to Avoid Hitting the Cruise Ships

Proving yet again, there is stupid and then there is Spring Break stupid.

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Two jet skiers from West Virginia who fell into the water in Port Canaveral were rescued moments before nearly being hit by a cruise ship, Brevard County deputies said.

Skylar Penpasuglia, 19, and Allison Garrett, 20, were enjoying spring break and riding a personal watercraft in Port Canaveral Saturday.

WFTV:  Deputies: 2 jet skiers nearly hit by cruise ship in Port Canaveral

And you thought it was bad if Mama brings up her boy to be a bass player.

Here's the Carnival Magic and, you know, maybe they just didn't see it.

Hey there, we see those two li'l geniuses now and you may wonder about who is shooting the video but that comes clear at the end of it.

Yah, shot from the deck of the cruise ship.

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