Monday, June 5, 2017

The Freeform Fiesta in Flatulent Fakery Starts Soon

There was a survey of MSM earlier and all three of the largest purveyors of fake news (CNN, Fox News, and The Guardian) have almost reached orgiastic fervor regarding the speech by James Comey  and the consequence of which is even better than Viagra or Cialis for turning a flaccid electorate into power-craving beasts.

The Russians don't care who is elected President since it hasn't made a difference in thirty years during which all have been absolutely predictable as warmongering murderers who kill without a reason.  To that end, the Republicans have been licking the CIA's ass like it was an ice cream cone since they don't want peace but global domination and they believe it's warranted.

Obama did it too since there hasn't been a Democrat since LBJ who licked the CIA's ass harder than he and both brought wanton and maliciously-ineffective killing just the same but they were satisfied to flood the EU with a never-ending stream of refugees since undermining the EU serves the CIA as well.

None of it makes any difference
and America is condemned to Hell
when it never lifts a finger
and only lives to tell

The Russians will kill us all
when they haven't done a thing
but the monsters in the White House
constantly sing

We must kill the Russians
we must stop their invasive ways
and it's obvious they do nothing
but aggression always pays

until we all die

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

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