Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 6/14 | The Fool, the Ghoul, and a Tool

The Fool

The miracle isn't that Dennis Rodman secured the release of Otto Warmbler from North Korea but rather it's that America wants that idiot so-called student back over here.

The Ghoul

In the Jeff Sessions testimony for Congress, he asked back to his interviewer, "Do you seriously think I have enough imagination to consider engaging with Russians for the purpose of peace, disarmament, and a golden future?"

Of course, no-one did so they spent the rest of the time talking about how to raise African violets.

The Tool

Anderson Cooper went to a place where they help working dogs ... but they kept him and wouldn't let him go because of how he turned on Kathy Griffin.  The agency said, "We train our dogs to be better than that since they're worthless as working dogs when they're not loyal."

Speaking of tools ...

Ken Starr is being elevated to godhood just now and maybe you recall the soft-core porno he was distributing about Clinton and Lewinsky.  All class, all the time; it's the Washington way.

There's some news which sucked since a high-rise building torched in England for a total loss and six or more dead.  It wasn't terror but incompetent design apparently.  At first I thought it was nothing since Dubai and China torch high-rise buildings frequently but this one was occupied.

Maybe there's some comedy for you from The Observer:  Democrats Claim Sanders Hurts Party as Clinton Investigations Resurface

Dunno about your view, mates, but it appears to the Rockhouse, Bernie Sanders IS the Democratic Party since we have ineffectual yaps like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Jake Zappa Krapper on CNN but they're just glorified Mitch McConnells only they still have more or less functional bowels. Clinton is slithering around somewhere ... suffering emotionally.

Republicans aren't why I avoid Facebook but rather it's Neoliberals / Centrists.  There's no way to get anything into their heads even with a chisel and a crowbar.  Their whole vibe is so toxic and accusatory that it never leads to anything good or even useful whereas I see Republicans boosting for killing people and world domination but that only elicits ... yah, yah, I remember seeing that in a comic book somewhere.

Republicans are plagued by their Neocons (e.g. Ted Cruz) and the comedy part is Theresa May is linking with some northern Ireland Neocons because she didn't think her position was quite bigoted enough already.  Great move, May, darlin', since that sure worked wonders for America, didn't it.

Ed:  that means see what's happening in Bloom County?

I believe so, my brother.

Now you know ... the rest of the story.

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