Wednesday, June 14, 2017

From the World of Martians, Moonbeams, and Miscellaneous Mayhem

The Martians won't be landing today since the Rockhouse got a communique from the captain which said many of his crew listened to Jeff Sessions speak yesterday and they fell into comas as a result.  The Captain hopes to awaken them but he does not have enough active crew to land at this time.

The Handy will happen for sure and there's a deal since Yevette needs to fill some scrip at the pharmacy and I would do it anyway since she needs her meds for the aches and pains but I asked if she would ride shotgun so we could stop at the Handy place on the way back.  That's a deal so it's sometime today and to be determined.

Note:  Euros call the mobile a Handy instead and I like that way a whole lot better.  It's the same with Eisbär instead of polar bear since the latter doesn't tell me much but Eisbär even sounds like one.

I'll send out the number via txt messages since that will either close the loop when I already have your number or give a number to send one back.  I'm not worried about CIA / NSA, etc trapping it since I can make up Intel just as fast as they when, of course, you know the Martians are terrorists and they're going to land at the Alamo to fight to get it back for Mexico.  Then they will eat all of us.

There was some good talk with ML yesterday which you have already deduced means there was nothing political in it.  I can't give you details but I can tell you this much that she is one major ass-bustin' woman and she will be when she has good measures of German and Irish in her.  Hint:  don't tell her she can't do something.

Ed:  it's a bad idea tellin' anyone don't do something!

Fair enough but I really mean it with her.  She may even listen ... but she's still thinking of how to do it (larfs).

ML, don't worry too much about discomfort with that chair since it's horrendously bad that way.  One year when Santa Claus came here, he sat in the chair but he never could get out of it.  He's still in there somewhere and we hear sometimes from way deep inside it, "Ho fuckin' ho."

That's part of why it's so lumpy.

Meanwhile, in the Category of Obscure Facts:  the Emperor Penguin is the only creature other than man which is capable of faithfully executing a Telemark turn.

In other news, still no sign of the nebulizin' bug juice although hopefully today.  There's a hefty boost of albuterol four times a day so I do want that happening soon.  There's an anti-climactic showdown in a week for a CRT or MRI or one of them damn spinnin' x-ray gizzies.

The current stage is well, you know, it could be that since, wtf, the vaccination may have worn off after fifty years.  That kind of thinking is why I will NEVER look for medical advice on the net.  I can come up with enough things by myself which probably aren't the real problem.

As a sign of the current circumstance, Yevette wanted donuts and you know the NutLord was going to get torqued over donuts.

Note:  NutLord is the hipster version of Nutrition Lord and it may need a bit more work.

Nevertheless, the NutLord did go out to acquire donuts from the Donut Terrorists.

Ed:  I thought the Terrorists ran a gas station as a cover?

Those are the other ones and these ones are first-generation Asian so they're obviously terrorist moles, right?  Someday they will attack America with powdered sugar.  They can't fool me with their sweet dispositions and their exquisitely fresh and varied donuts.  That won't fool a Texan; no, sir.  We know a terrorist when we see one.

Ed:  but you still buy terrorist donuts?

Yep and they're really good too.

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