Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New Ultrasound 'Drill' is Much Cooler than it Seems #Science

The article presents some scientific goodness and it's valid but wait for the extension at the end.

Researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a new surgical tool that uses low-frequency intravascular ultrasound to break down blood clots that cause deep vein thrombosis. The tool is the first ultrasound "drill" that can be aimed straight ahead, allowing doctors to better target clots -- which holds promise for significantly reducing treatment time.

Science Daily:  New ultrasound 'drill' targets deep vein blood clots

Deep Vein Thrombosis may get your attention since that can definitely kill you.  The association at the Rockhouse is we have heard from time to time of people getting up to move after a long flight on an aircraft and that's when the DVT whacked them.  I wouldn't be burning any tickets to fly but that association is true although the frequency is unknown.

That improved technology exists for whacking the clot before it whacks you, the Rockhouse is highly appreciative of this work.  The interested student is invited to review the entire article regarding how their process works but our interest is in one aspect of it.

Here's the beauty part.

To date, the technology has been tested only in synthetic blood vessels.

- SD

It's not time for Pollyanna to do a hat dance just yet since they will move to animal trials at some point but to this time they have not and have used synthetic substitutes instead.

Welcome to the future, mates.  There was no chance of doing anything of this nature until relatively recently and now you see one application for it.  The Rockhouse does support animal testing since better an animal than me but only within absolute reason (i.e. there was no other way to do it).

It appears from the science they're on their way to another way to do it and consequently less animals sacrificed for science.

This one goes to the short but hopefully sweet category since there's not much else to write about it when it looks like it results in less animal experimentation and I know there is constant research into ways to generate synthetic lungs and all manner of things.  The scientists love those animals more than you think; they may live with thousands of them at any given time.  They likely want alternatives to animal testing as much or more than anyone.

There's no need for the Silas Adventures in the Mouse House but I can tell you there were thousands of them in it.  Something which dawned from that think back was why my ol' Dad took his first degree in Botany.  Gregor Mendel had only croaked about forty years before my ol' Dad was born so genetics was a relatively New Thing.  Mendel deduced the laws of genetics from studying peas so my ol' Dad took his lead and it turned out to be a remarkably good one although I never knew him to plant anything at any time in my life since his work was almost entirely with Drosophila, mice, sheep, and the biggest computer he could find in Australia in the mid-50s (i.e. SILIAC at CSIRO).

That Botany degree never made any sense to me but then ... ding, ding, ding ... of course.

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