Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#Music from a Twisted Dimension You May Not Even Believe is Real

These girls are so young it seems almost pedophiliac to watch them but it's not when they're extremely good at it.  Asian girls seem always to look younger than their actual years but, still ... dayum, they're young.

It defies credibility to believe they put all that together at that age so there must be one hellacious production team behind them.  Even so, Babymetal is only one example.

Band-Maid is kind of cooler since they play their own instruments.

Let's go for inscrutable, inexplicable, and enough to flip your shit into a volcano.

What the fuck could you possibly know of death, kid?  Get outta town.

You can see from the audiences, this is a Big Deal ... but ... what kind of a big deal is anyone's guess. They have mastered the most dramatic stage shows I've ever seen so someone has this dialed ... whatever it is.

Out here in Stoner World, we can get off on some unusual and twisted stuff but these ones are a little too far out in the rice paddy for this buzz monkey.


Anonymous said...

Gosh...look at that beautiful sweet face...are you kiddin?

Peas InOurThyme said...

Angelic, aren't they! (larfs)