Monday, June 5, 2017

Despite Heavy Resistance Ithaka Will Cross 900,000 in a Day or Two

The Silas has never played for an audience more hostile than this one or likely I would have folded the guitar and never played again.

Mostly it's driven by Google rats these days and, judging by what they read, those rats are fucking stupid although there's still rare evidence of sentience sometimes.  No doubt it would work to titillate them since they don't respond to too much else but the reads don't mean that much and I'll not cater to the bottom.  The Rockhouse loves a beautiful woman but they only want to see her tits and, amazingly we see a woman as much more than her bits.

The Rockhouse is completely disgusted and I suppose that's how it ends but I had thought much higher of people and the consolation is ones like Cadillac Man and the Mystery Lady are already on the Peace Train.

We're still looking for that light since we heard a thousand of them are out there but it's looking kind of dark in the world.

A patriot gave me shit the other day and demanded to know if I fought in the war.  I told him meet me at VA by the fudge counter which is sometimes set up in the area for refreshments and snacks in Dallas VA.  I knew he would never be there since no-one at VA ever asks if you were in-country.  He was no vet, just another YouTube shill with a teenie weenie.


There was a most-unexpected sort of light earlier since someone posted a boost about "Illusion of Gravity" and it's a waste of time posting the link to it here since you won't follow it but that came out of nowhere for quite a good surprise.  I don't really know who did get it with the idea of the Illusion of Gravity but I sure as hell know who didn't (larfs).

The converse of that is in attacks which came in Comments and the latest way to manage that was immediate nonviolent resistance.  I said if they were posted then I would not respond and they stopped the same day.  I rest my case.

Doc actually said some pleasant things sometimes and I don't want to blow past that.

Maybe I will post some more of the Hot Babes articles since there was nothing prurient about them but they will still bite a prig's ass so anyone looking at them might even derive something from them specifically because they're not T&A shots and never have been.  Or maybe not since the only purpose beyond that is running up Ithaka's numbers ... but that's an Illusion of Gravity.


Anonymous said...

ML here

Don't let the "Negatives" bring you down. You have too much light for that!
I am enjoying your new blog format so much. You are so-o-o talented!


Peas InOurThyme said...

Thanks and I won't even while sources can be heartbreakers but often that's the way it goes.

I'm not at all convinced about talent but I do like writing and I especially thank you for positive support. We all know there's too damn little of it anywhere but we can make it down here and do just fine or at least the best we can.


Peas InOurThyme said...

I missed the video link the first time but I have it now. Thanks!