Sunday, May 14, 2017

You Liked How Miley Cyrus Rolls Fat Joints So How About Medical Marijuana at Work

Miley Cyrus turned in her greatest outrage yet by going straight and we love her for it so long as she doesn't get too whacked on "I Don't Need No Ganja" which, as I'm sure you remember, was a famous song by Humble Pie.  Don't cover that old song, Miley; you have much cooler things ahead than that. (Ithaka:  'I Still Roll Fat Joints for My Friends" | Miley Cyrus)

Whatever Miley Cyrus will do will have varying interest levels with y'all but I'm sure we have some entertainment potential in medical marijuana in the workplace since there's no buzz from that (wink, wink).

You won't mind if Steely Dan is taking his medical marijuana while he works on designing that new spacecraft, will you?

We find the biggest problem with him is he keeps yapping about how cool to see Steely Dan live but how could you even tell the difference and, besides, we already hated them so we didn't care what they did live.

Ed:  is that what medical marijuana does to you?  It turns you into a fan of Steely Dan?

There are risks, mate.  Be careful out there.

Even so, we don't care if he likes bland, shitty music; we're concerned about whether his stoner spaceship explodes.  Are you going to let him work on it?

Ed:  no fuckin' way!

That's the ticket, mate.  We will smoke a bowl with him any time but we don't believe his (wink, wink) bullshit about no effect from it.  If that's true then why did he smoke such scroungy, rat bait reefer in the first place?

Ed:  he said it makes him feel better

No fuckin' shit.  Let's review what reefer ever did ... erm, it makes you feel better ... plus sometimes makes the coolest hallucinations.

Ed:  marijuana doesn't cause hallucinations!

If you're smokin' anything, it must be the cheap shit from Mexico.  Down here we call that dirt weed and use it to kill rats.

Ed:  animals?

Nah, the cowboys who voted for anti-vaxx.  (Ithaka:  You Can't Blame Anti-Vaxx Stupidity on Beverly Hills Hoppity Hipsters Anymore)

What I'm hearin' is y'all will be voting NFW for medical ganja in the work place.  Maybe I'll smoke a bowl and think about that some more.

Or, man, did you ever notice when you drop something, it doesn't always wind up where it landed and you can look but there's nothing there.  Isn't that far out because, man, that means ...

Ed:  STFU Silas

See you in the Dream Stream, mate

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