Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Rockhouse Gets Some Help Finding the A.W.O.L. Pussy Hats

Photographer:  unknown and apologies for the lack of attribution but that information was not available

The Rockhouse regards this is excellent photography as it gives us questions we can't answer but we're curious to know.

Sergei, his friends call him Sergei, said he would keep an eye out for the Rockhouse pussy rats.  We told him we appreciate that but keeping an eye out is more extreme than we asked and hopefully he will not do that.

We also don't understand why a tall person is a tall drink of water but that will keep for now since we don't want to play Crazy American Expressions just this minute.

This guy looks cool and he doesn't look impoverished, he just looks like he needed someplace to ...

Ed:  were you going to say chill?

Well, no, I was going to say enhance his calm and, uh, do consider some of that.

He enhances his calm while he reads his paper and we can't tell where he is since it looks like just names in the headlines.  He seems to have been shopping so he's looking for something to happen ... or maybe he wanted to take a minute to get some rays and study the species ... while the girls behind study him.

Sergei sympathized with the Circumstance of the A.W.O.L. Pussy Hats since they were shipped on April 20th.  He said, "Ja, they could have been sent on the back of a yak from Mongolia and arrived there sooner."

Thanks, Sergei.

Barbie often talked of 'studying the species' and she was amused by starting some senseless but harmless rumor at P&G to let it percolate and hear what was in it when it recirculated.

Ed:  that's studying the species?

Yep, MSM depends on her technique.

Maestro, rim shot, please.

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