Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Political Schizophrenia | That's a New One | Fresh from Moscow

Putin identifies the flaw in unnamed sources, so why do others use them as authorities.

If you don't think Putin is laughing, check the vid:

At about 2:30, it branches off into (da da) the Comey Memo so that's when I clicked out.  Hearing Comey's name one more time means the entire Rockhouse will start rolfing.

Ed:  we called it ralfing

Call it rolfing, ralfing, or whatever you like ... just be close to the Outhouse.

On the wall at The Center, it says you only die on one day so why do you think about it on all the others.

We know why Americans do that but it's not interesting.  We see Putin knows Washington can only shoot nukes on one day and they don't do it on the others so why not laugh at the pretensions and get on with our lives until they do it.

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