Friday, May 26, 2017

The Most Remarkable Connection Was Made ... but Not with Me

I wake up every few hours as is my blessing to do and Yevette said, "Hey, you won't believe who called."

Yah, I know you're already there.  The call was from the Mystery Lady.

That I missed it is regrettable but it's not a tragedy since Yevette said they talked for quite a while.  That's excellent since it gives Mystery Lady the perfect view of The Situation and she could hear the bits which never went to the blog (i.e. a lot).

My telling didn't omit anything substantive but it left out a mountain of detail and there's still no need for that now except I'm glad Mystery Lady has the full view.

Ed:  the holistic view?

That's the one and thanks, Mac.  I haven't forgotten how everything had to be holistic and you reminded us like Doctor Krankeit talking about "Hygiene!"

Ref:  "Candy" by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg

In 2006, Playboy Magazine listed Candy among the "25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written", and described the story as a "young heroine's picaresque travels, a kind of sexual pinball machine that lights up academia, gardeners, the medical profession, mystics and bohemians."  (WIKI:  Candy (Southern and Hoffenberg novel))

The story is a satire playing off "Candide" and it's sexy but it's mostly funny.

So, uh, how are you doing with reading versus those Marvel Comix movies, young Dagwood.  Zoe Saldana is a gorgeous Gamora but the movie is sexy like a date with your family.  "Candy" ... now that one is sexy.

It's astounding that something shifts from a Greek tragedy in the morning to relative comedy in the evening.  I've been trying to get out of the Fortress of Solitude I felt was required for The Situation and that emergence didn't turn out at all as it hoped ... at least not at first.

I'm sure now all the Regulars are connected and there is peace in the land.

Ed:  so blow them out of here by alienating them with things they may not want to see?

That's never my purpose but I'm clear on the effect and my editorial policy for the blog may change somewhat as a result of it.  I don't much care if it blows out thickwits but the Regulars are not at all of that persuasion.

Ed:  so what's your go-forward plan?

I'm not much for dispensing bruisings but you're just begging for one, Corporate Comic.

Note:  a go-forward plan in corporate typically takes a view of three to six months and you could get more of a go-forward plan from a high school kid.  Corporate lingo is probably as destructive to the English language as texting.  I'll go into the Chomsky of that some time maybe.

Ed:  but that sort of thing can be alienating?

Roger that.  For me it's an interesting exercise but for others it's going back to English class or some such and few ever have fond memories of English teachers.  That's unfortunate when they have such deep love of the language but only the best are able to convey the wonder behind that.

Ed:  so it gets sexy like a zucchini milkshake?

Roger that

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