Friday, May 26, 2017

The $40,000 Commencement Address at Wellesley

After hearing some snippets of the speech and seeing the beatific response in the novitiates, it's patently obvious ... if you want an education, don't ever go to Wellesley.

You don't need a crash helmet since there's no huge deal but I do believe there's comedy in this one and it started with Lotho describing some lesser-known things about Richard Nixon's administration.

Well, it turns out Hillary Clinton didn't know those points at all and she compared Trump to Nixon.

Oh, sure, lady ... Nixon signed for the EPA and for guaranteed dialysis for everyone.

From that, we readily observe, Wellesley is the last place anywhere to go for an education in History and if Clinton is teaching it then run for your life.

Clinton was talking about truth and honor and it was mystifying ... the novitiates bought every word of it and I read one who was in a state of religious ecstasy over it as she said she had tears in her eyes.

If she had any sense, she would have had tears because of the appalling lies Clinton was telling her but that microcephalic matriculant showed no evidence of awareness of Clinton's history.


There's no way to build a peace
when you're selling weapons of war
and the ones who take the commissions
are the vilest type of whores
when they profit on the lives of the children
who will be lost to the weapons they sell
you know there's only one kind of ending
since that bitch will burn in hell

- Some asshole

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