Thursday, May 25, 2017

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia for the Queen Bee

Queen Bee is or was in Barcelona at this minute and I sent a plea to her to, please, please, visit Sagrada Familia is I can be green envious for the rest of my miserable life.  Cat had suggested the same thing to me but I wasn't able to manage to get to Spain, possibly after crashing in the south of France.  There's more to that story but it doesn't need to be here.

But this does:

My ol' Mother walked into one of the big cathedrals in Germany and instantly burst into tears.  I strongly suspect there's the same or more of that potential here.

If you don't feel the Light of the Lord coming down from above in there then I doubt you will be feeling it anywhere.  I'm not a Christian - I'm not anything - but it's not necessary since it's your path which tells whether the Light is divine and mine is to appreciate it's there.  I would feel extremely privileged to behold this in-person.

I so much hope Queen Bee can get to or at least get near the Basilica as I'm sure she would love it and I'm sure I would love to be envious of her loving it.

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