Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Do You Feel Lucky? Well, Do Ya ... Punk?" - Dirty Harry

Ed:  he's obviously gay!

You don't know that and this is the pic my gay cuz posted but maybe he just liked the cat's look.  Maybe he doesn't know if he's gay or not and he just liked the whiskers.

Yah, I know this is pandering but I mentioned the pic earlier so now I deliver it.  (Ithaka:  Doomed to Drab, Erotical Humdrummity | Bloom County)

It will probably get a billion hits and I'll hate it for that but it's alright.  It might have some redeeming features if there were something trashy about it but he's just some guy who's better-looking than any of us ever were ... or probably better-looking than anyone ever looked and you know what means.


When the Gods of Olympus hear there's a better-looking mortal, they're going to get to some spiting and smiting.  You saw what happened to Andromeda.

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