Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Doomed to Drab, Erotical Humdrummity | Bloom County

Possibly the thinnest Bloom County ever but I liked the idea of drab, erotical humdrummity.

Ed:  I don't think Rambo was titillating

I don't even think Rambo was heterosexual.

Ed:  so maybe he's titillating to men?

Well, that's as useful as knowing the true composition of Saran Wrap, isn't it.

My gay cuz posted a pic of some stud the other day and, holy fuck, that was the most impossibly beautiful motherfucker you could ever find.

Ed:  beautiful?

Right up until you kiss it.  Lighten up, Latent Boy.

I'm not willing to go searching but I will post the pic if I happen back Facebook way.  I'm tellin' you, the cat is unbelievable and that's boosted by some Adonis treatment in the photography but even so.

Ed:  gay boys are always good looking

That's bullshit although some are way better-looking than straight men.  I guess being an ugly gay man sucks about the same as being an ugly straight man as both are ...

doomed to drab, erotical humdrummity (sob).

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