Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Because the Rockhouse Loves You, We Did Try to Find the Hot Babes

After enduring some minutes reviewing the Daily Mail, the favorite source of software sewerage, the Rockhouse has come up dry.  You will find wall-to-wall sluts with their side boob selfies, etc but those sluts aren't even interesting; they're just, well, tabloid wannabe sluts.

It takes talent to get to the Nicola Crosley level ... plus a whole lot of self-absorption along with her modicum of writing method.  (Ithaka:  Remember Gonzo Journalism? Nicola Crosley Does Something Else with My First Orgy)

Note:  she only needs a few more hits and she will make the Greatest Hits and she will disappear from the day-to-day view at about the same time.  You'll be gone soon, darlin' ... but ... loved the Lesbian orgies.  Kisses.

Once she makes the Greatest Hits as it seems she likely will, it will be just as difficult to dislodge her from it and she will be in her own contest with Carol Kirkwood at that point.  (Ithaka: Carol Kirkwood Gives Best Weather Report of All Time)

Kirkwood is up to well over twenty-five thousand hits so maybe Crosley needs to spice up those Lesbian orgies a bit more when Kirkwood is such a dirty-talkin' li'l minx.

Ed:  she's a nice lady ... with huge bazongas ... and she doesn't talk dirty!

Oh yeah?  Read the article.

Ed:  this is just yap.  Where are the Hot Babes?

Well, I tell you, mate.  I'll take another look around.  There was the Christian Mommy Blogger with three children who dumped her old man to marry a soccer star who is yet another woman.  Who knew being a Christian Mommy could be SO much fun.

That was kind of an ok tale when she's so absurd but she's not that hot.

I saw Bill Cosby going all-out Clinton by explaining the lawsuits weren't due to drugging women but rather racism.  It's a ridiculous story so that qualifies but he ain't even close to hot and we already know how he does with Babes.

One more try ...

(time passes)

Man, it's a total bust.  I can't stand these fuckin' people.

She looks kind of hot but it doesn't make any difference since she's croaked.

Metro:  Girlfriend accidentally killed herself while trying to frighten her boyfriend

Ed:  do you believe that about 'only trying to scare her boyfriend?'

Nah but her mother does.

They're fuckin' damaged in these damn tabloids and I don't love you enough to keep trawling that ugliness for anything hot.

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