Saturday, May 27, 2017

About that Opium Growing in North Carolina

Police in North Carolina say Cody Xiong was growing 2,000 pounds of opium poppy on his land.

Probably the immediate reaction is the stereotypical American xenophobia and what do you expect from an immigrant; he's probably illegal.  However, this isn't the first time this has happened and there was a previous situation in Washington state.

When drug task force investigators went to a rural home in North Carolina earlier this week, they were checking out a report of possible marijuana growing.

But when a man answered the door, he offered: "I guess you're here for the opium."

He doesn't sound like a fellow who has any trouble with the language since his trouble is with law and morality.  What kind of heathen bastard can observe all the heroin deaths in America and think, oh, boy, this looks like a business opportunity for me.

CNN:  Cops looking for pot find opium poppies instead

CNN has been used as a reference since the article does not have an autoplay video and there is none of their pseudo-Leftist punditry.

There are all kinds of manifestations of amorality on the E.S.C. (i.e. Eastern Sinking Coast) and I can't even say this is the worst with such competition from Washington.  A ton of poppy will yield more than enough death to satisfy any politician but it's still amateurism relative to D.C.

Most of all, this distinguishes North Carolina as the worst state in the country since it's only a week or two since they were busted for gerrymandering the vote such that it marginalized black voters.

Ed:  the North Carolina Toiletheads?

The same

How much more pride can that state possibly heap upon itself.

Ed:  North Carolina gave us NASCAR!

Of course it did and I bet NASCAR just does cartwheels in pride over its birthplace.

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