Friday, March 24, 2017

If Israel is So Great, Why Do the Comedians Leave

Ed:  to blow up basketballs?

No, no, no, that's the answer to why is there air, the question posed by Bill Cosby, but we don't care about the answer anymore because it was usually filled with date rape drugs.

Any good comedian in America will often be Jewish ... or black ... or black and Jewish but that was Sammy Davis Jr and no-one was really sure what he did ... but he was cool about it.

Ed:  what about Jim Jefferies?

What about him?  It ain't a contest, mate.  Lots of good comedians are Jewish.  How should I know why.  I'm not Jewish.

Ed:  and you're not funny

No, I'm not ... as you often so fondly remind me.

We have a conundrum, however.

Ed:  I do not want a fucking conundrum, not another one!

Nevertheless, we have one.  If Jewish people are so funny then why don't Jewish comedians naturally flock to Israel.  If they are not funny then how is it there are Jewish comedians all over in America and they're ripshit funny.

Ed:  I don't care.  How's that for your conundrum?

It's an answer but neither of us is Jewish so it has no chance of being funny.

Ed:  going with your position above, it shouldn't make any difference

There probably isn't a way to save this schtick.

Ed:  there's always the bail out to Bloom County.  Berkeley Breathed is funny.

Is he Jewish?

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