Friday, August 11, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 8/11


Cadillac Man - you probably already know this is the deep end of the pool so the important thing must be to find the flamingos

Easy Jobs - of course you need some ridiculous today as it looks like many did already

Racism - history won't remember Obama half as well as he remembers himself

What's Hot

On the Championship - the madness of American religion has to be experienced to be believed and it's the same as with American flags everywhere you look except the religion is dodgier than that


Chuck Schumer - the extirpation of Palestine bothers him in no way at all and, shockingly, he claims to be a Democrat

Ensuring People - The Guardian did a bit on food stamps but picked one hell of a shoddy way to do it.  There's room for more discussion since food stamps, minimum wage, etc are linked and any talk probably wouldn't result in a bloodbath needing the Roman Coliseum.

And Video - I can't even believe I broke that thing but it makes me feel sooooo butch

Most Ridiculously - crazy expensive motor homes and the first one pulled by the big rig truck is so electronic but it still looks like a rolling cathouse complete with spotlights in the sky.  Article is mostly about alternatives to spending crazy amounts of money.

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