Friday, August 11, 2017

Cadillac Man, It Must Have Been Something in the Ozone Layer

Speech was increasingly garbled and then it seemed the connection broke but you poofed with it.  Most unusual and I hope the journey back through the time tunnel wasn't too turbulent.

There's much more to the Israel story historically but my primary situation is outrage over being called anti-Semitic regarding a political problem.  That's just a deliberate smokescreen and it's offensive for that reason.

The politico-historical view of Israel is highly prismatic since the pitch goes through a prism to show, wow, all those pretty colors.  If there's anything clear about Israel, it's that it has no pretty colors.

There are liberals in Israel but it appears they're crushed into insignificance much as is happening in America.

I would call back if I spot a green on Skype but it doesn't seem likely since I will probably be oriented to the horizontal before too much longer.

It's now been about an hour so it looks like a scratch and I guess something broke.  Rats.

CM, Uh, Uh, Uh!

Note:  that has over forty years of meaning which I won't even try to explain.

Zen Yogi:  I'm not anti-Semitic, Silas

Of course not, Yogi.  You're much too hip for that.

Zen Yogi:  how about some fried chicken, Silas?

No but thanks, Yogi.  Do you have anything else?

Zen Yogi:  I have some cole slaw since no-one likes that stuff

Nein, nein, Jogi.  Hast du das Wiener Schnitzel mit das Pumpernickel?

Zen Yogi:  ach nein, Silas.  You're just striking out all over, buddy.

To find your true face one must lose the one you have contrived, Zen Yogi?

Zen Yogi:  it seems more likely she got her head turned around by the coven and now she asks them to put it right again.  Drugs may have been involved, quite a few drugs.

So then Queen Bee surprised me since she said Tinkerbell gave her some news.  I told her at least I don't have to get my teeth fixed now but that might have been too crazy to grok.  About all I know for comfort is to be real about how it goes and I sympathize with the situation since you get this load dumped on you so what's the process.  What the fuck am I supposed to do now.  After a few more cycles, it gets clear there's really no need to do anything except try to integrate it however you will.  It's not a failing to do nothing and there's not much else you can do.

Ed:  what does this have to do with the Ozone Layer?

It's part of Today's Odd Fact since Earth was getting blasted by radiation until (I believe the Silurian epoch) so presumably that radiation makes for lots of mutations and lots of variants to whatever genomes existed at the time.  Life evolved from nothing up to plants covering the land and various animals moving to land as well.

That radiation seems to explain it all but the blasting to a large extent stopped during the Silurian with the advent of the Ozone Layer.

However, during the time of the dinosaurs, a creature which wasn't much more than a ground squirrel evolved into man so it seems there was still an enormous amount of dynamism in the genomes but without the blasting radiation.

So there's your odd fact since it doesn't seem like the radiation made all that much difference.

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